In September 2022, the IQF2022 International Quality Festival and Consumer Leadership Summit with the theme of “Vitality and Vitality” was successfully held in Beijing.
Atlas Copco stood out from more than 300 participating companies and won the “2022 Outstanding Quality Manufacturing Enterprise Award” for its qualitative achievements in intelligent innovation, product functions, and system solutions.

  • Wireless Industrial Vision Positioning System

The ILS wireless industrial vision positioning system is Atlas Copco’s first wireless bolt leveling system. It uses vision technology to track the exact position of the tool by a camera, so that the correct torque is applied to the correct bolt, helping customers reduce Tightening errors on the production line.


Atlas Copco cooperated with a domestic company to successfully combine the ILS wireless industrial visual positioning system with the intelligent manual assembly guidance system independently developed by the customer. With the wireless tightening tool, it can identify the technological process of different products and automatically select The corresponding tightening procedure can realize tool position tracking and position control. In addition, the system can also support 6 tools to operate at the same time, making it possible for customers to adjust the operation rhythm according to the busyness of the production line.
According to customer feedback, the positioning system not only makes it possible to significantly reduce the risk of selecting the wrong tightening procedure, significantly improve the flexibility of production, and achieve accurate assembly of bolts, but also saves the time of changing tools and the cost of adding tools.

  • Central vacuum system solutions

The central vacuum system solution developed by Atlas Copco for the food packaging industry can ensure that each packaging machine has the same stable vacuum level, which not only helps customers solve the problems of uneven quality of finished products, high energy consumption, and high maintenance costs, And it can be independently configured outdoors to avoid the pollution of the oil mist mixture to the food production workshop, and at the same time greatly reduce the noise.


The GHS VSD+ series variable frequency oil lubricated screw vacuum pump in this system scheme adopts innovative frequency conversion technology, which can automatically adjust the speed according to the air consumption. Save considerable operating energy consumption for customers.

  • 2022 Oil-Injected Screw Air Compressor

Atlas Copco’s new GA55-90 oil-injected screw air compressor integrates intelligence, energy saving and reliability: the new intelligent temperature control system can calculate and optimize the ideal oil injection temperature according to real-time working conditions, greatly improving the overall The efficiency and reliability of the machine are improved; the intelligent sensor monitors the running status and life of each wearing part in real time, and provides maintenance instructions; the upgraded compressor rotor, the optimized design of the whole machine structure and the IE4 motor further improve the energy efficiency of the whole machine.


These intelligent functions and energy-saving configuration bring stronger performance, more energy saving and higher reliability to the new GA55-90, and its global coverage service network enables every user’s needs to be met faster response.

  • Lithium-ion energy storage system

Under the vision of the twin carbon goals, the way energy is consumed, produced and stored has changed, and all industries need cleaner power sources to shift towards more sustainable development.


Faced with the challenge of a “green transition” in construction engineering, the ZenergiZe series of lithium-ion energy storage systems in Atlas Copco’s Power Technologies business area uses high-density lithium-ion batteries as a solution, i.e. energy stored through the use of renewable energy sources To supplement the power of the generator, reduce the dependence on diesel fuel in the process, and make the operation of the equipment more sustainable, more flexible and quieter. When used in island mode, it can achieve zero emission, low noise, and zero fuel consumption; working in hybrid mode with a generator can reduce the emissions of independent generators by about 100 tons of carbon dioxide.


Atlas Copco will continue to innovate and always strive to bring more energy-efficient and intelligent product and service solutions to customers.
IQF International Quality Festival is one of the most influential and forward-looking annual events in the field of quality and consumption. It aims to pay tribute to the leaders of quality manufacturing, inspire and drive more enterprises to jointly lead the high-quality development of China’s economy.
About Atlas Copco
Great ideas inspire innovation. Atlas Copco has been turning industrial ideas into a core profitable business since 1873. By listening to customers, understanding customer needs, providing value to customers, and constantly innovating with an eye toward the future. In 2021, the Atlas Copco Group will generate revenues of approximately SEK 111 billion (approximately EUR 11 billion) and employ approximately 43,000 people.
Atlas Copco has been operating in the Chinese market since the 1920s. Today, the four major business areas of the group: compressor technology, vacuum technology, industrial technology, and power technology have all entered the Chinese market, providing customers with innovative products and solutions. By the end of 2021, Atlas Copco has more than 30 companies in China with nearly 6,200 employees.

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