GA 7-110 VSD+

(7-110 kW/10-150 hp)

Atlas Copco New Changes

Atlas Copco’s GA7-110VSD+ series compressor adopts variable frequency drive technology, is equipped with an embedded permanent magnet motor (IPM), has a compact structure, a small footprint, and an average energy saving of up to 50%. Its advanced design can ensure long-term stable operation of the machine even under harsh working conditions, and achieve a great reduction in cycle costs. This performance has won widespread attention and recognition in the compressor industry. 

VSD+ series save energy up to 50% on average*

Atlas Copco GAVSD+ series compressors can automatically adjust the motor speed to meet customers’ gas demand with precise control. Innovative permanent magnet (IPM) motors can achieve an average energy saving of up to 50% and an average life cycle cost savings of 37%. The permanent magnet motors used in the VSD+ series are all independently developed by Atlas Copco in Belgium.
Why choose Atlas Copco variable speed technology?
 When the gas demand changes drastically (20%-100%), the average energy saving is 50%*
 Elektronikon®
The controller adjusts the motor speed smoothly according to the pressure fluctuation
 There is no waste of idling and emptying
 The compressor can be started/stopped under full pressure without unloading waste
 No starting peak current, no impact on the grid
 Reduced system working pressure and system leakage
 Meet EMC electromagnetic compatibility requirements
Compared with conventional fixed-speed-driving air compressors, energy-saving data is obtained from the average value of long-term testing of multiple machines in Atlas Copco’s factory

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