How to keep the screw air compressor running normally for a long time and control the maintenance cost

If the screw air compressor needs to maintain normal operation during a long period of use, it is essential to need frequent maintenance, and the maintenance cost is high or low. So the screw air compressor keeps running normally for a long time, how to control the maintenance cost?

  1. Reduce the maintenance cost of the air compressor

First of all, the screw air compressor has major faults in operation and needs to be repaired, which cannot reduce the cost. The air compressor needs to be maintained every cycle, and the spare parts that need to be replaced need to be selected according to the situation on site. For example, some need to be selected according to the environment of the customer’s air compressor room. Do not buy substandard quality products in order to reduce equipment maintenance costs.

  1. Utilize renewable energy to reduce the cost of air compressor electricity

Screw air compressors consume a lot of electricity for a factory. If a part of the energy consumed by the air compressor is converted into renewable energy, the cost of the factory can be greatly reduced, such as the waste heat recovery of the air compressor, and the heat energy of the air compressor can be collected through other equipment for everyone to take a bath. And so on is to greatly reduce the cost, this equipment is the waste heat recovery equipment.

  1. Improve the utilization rate of the air compressor

The users of the air compressor need to cooperate, the executive power of technicians and employees and the cooperation of the manufacturer, turn on the machine when it is in use, turn off the machine in time when not in use, and strictly implement the operating regulations, in order to minimize the waste of air compressor power, Improve work efficiency.

The above is the content of how to keep the screw air compressor running normally for a long time and control the maintenance cost. If you don’t know anything about it, please come to consult our website, and we will have technicians to explain to you.

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