Atlas Copco Light Tower HiLight B5+

Atlas Copco Light Tower HiLight B5+



Atlas Copco Light Tower HiLight B5+

The smart light tower

The renew ultra-quiet LED light tower HiLight B5+ has been designed to be seen and not heard while ensuring maximun safety at the site.

Delivering operating noise levels as low as 55 dBA, the renewed version of the HiLight B5+ light tower is ideally suited to provide illumination at events, temporary public lighting or enhanced visibility at construction sites located near residential areas.The HiLight B5+ can be equipped with a new

innovation called the SmartMast™(*), which automatically lowers itself when safety or stability is compromised. The proprietary vertical mast.

technology from Atlas Copco features in-built sensors that detect when safety or stability of the light tower is compromised due to critical environmental or sites conditions, and alerts end users to potential obstacles and impacts. It also provides stability assistance when installing a light tower, for instance by flagging up irregular surfaces and floors, to ensure safe siting.


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