Atlas Copco QAS Series Portable Generator

Atlas Copco QAS Series Portable Generator



the power of connectivity

QAS generators

The QAS range is feature packed and comes with the ruggedness and reliability you

demand from a generator. However, there are features that really set the QAS apart – we

sum it up under the power of connectivity.

Firstly, QAS generators are built for multi-drop use and designed to be moved regularly. Whether

that be a few metres or hundreds of miles, you can be assured of their easy, safe movement

capabilities and guaranteed performance, even in the harshest conditions. This makes the QAS

perfect for rental applications and heavy duty construction use.

These generators are also unrivalled when it comes to flexibility, thanks to their simple paralleling

capability. We understand that your need for power can be ever changing. The modular design

focusses on being able to connect multiple generators in the simplest way – making an

installation that optimizes efficiency. The built-in Power Management System (PMS) enables the

optimisation of fuel consumption and expands the generators’ lifetime.

The QAS range provides complete power solutions, making this series the preferred choice for a

wide range of applications throughout the world. Don’t just invest in a power generator – Invest

in a generator which has the power of connectivity!


QAS 14   QAS 20   QAS 30   QAS 40   QAS 60   QAS 80 QAS 100  QAS 125    QAS 150   QAS 200   QAS 250

QAS 325    QAS 400   QAS 500   QAS 630


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