Energy Wise Micro-oil VSD Screw Air Compressor

Energy Wise Micro-oil VSD Screw Air Compressor


-IP55/3PH high efficiency TEFC motor
-The sturdy main machine is equipped with back-to-back cylindrical roller bearings
-Use automatic adjustment belt drive
-Air-cooled after cooler
-Frequency conversion start
-The unit is equipped with super coolant before leaving the factory
-46℃ ambient temperature (37kw), 40℃ ambient temperature (15~30kw)
-NEMA 4 appliances
-VSD smart controller:
-Touch control panel
-Automatic start/stop control
-Fault alarm, maintenance reminder
-Noise level 69 dB(A)
-Unit size (mm): 1321 L x 914W x 1080 H
-Unit weight (kg): 540
-The controller communication protocol is Mitsubishi CC-Link, which does not support Modbus communication protocol;
Communication interface is RS485


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