SMALL UP TAS(50HZ) Micro-oil Screw Air Compressor

SMALL UP TAS(50HZ) Micro-oil Screw Air Compressor


Scope of supply of integrated air storage tank type air compressor:

-Air-cooled 40 degree ambient temperature design to meet the requirements of all-weather operation

-Integrated host with built-in double-layer tapered roller bearing design

-380-415v/3ph/50hz, IEC standard design, IP55 TEFC three-phase induction motor

-Automatic start/stop control & constant speed operation controller

-Relay controller

-Isolation design of hot and cold room

-Noise pressure: 65-69 dBA

-Poly-V belt drive for easy maintenance

-High-efficiency “energy-saving star” circulating refrigeration dryer

-230v/1ph/ 50Hz single control power interface

-Stainless steel finned heat exchanger

-Double high efficiency filter: primary plus fine filter

-Built-in high-efficiency gas-water separator

-Integrated integrated centrifugal cooling fan

-Single drain outlet with electronic drain valve








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