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Today is December 16, 2016. New Year’s Day is about to enter 2017. I recall that I have been in the air compressor industry for six or seven years. Here, I would like to express some of my simple views on this industry.
1. Every year at the end of the year, many websites launch voting activities for the top ten air compressor brands. Now, these so-called Internet companies are almost making money and do not have some industry ethics. You search for keywords such as “China’s top ten air compressor brands, air compressor industry brand rankings, domestic air compressor brand rankings, and domestic top ten air compressor brands” on Baidu. They are almost all domestic websites for The voting activities set up by charging companies for benefits, and finally awarded you a top ten brand certificate in honor of the name, there is no gold content at all! What is ridiculous is that the brands on the list are all brands that have never heard of before, making people in the industry happy and generous! It’s entirely for people who don’t understand these industries. Think about it, why don’t they add good foreign brands, because foreign air compressor companies simply don’t care about these so-called fake rankings. I still remember that last year a Shanghai air compressor company paid tens of thousands of dollars to buy the top 10, and finally let the entire company to swipe the tickets, and finally spread it in the WeChat circle of friends, and the final result was who made the selection. A lot of money means the top rankings, and in the end it makes people laugh out of their teeth! In the end, there was no way. The Internet company did not refund the money, and finally issued a statement in the WeChat official account that such rankings had nothing to do with them. Think about the various air compressor rankings, generator set rankings, vacuum pump rankings, etc. that those Internet companies have tossed up, just let those small domestic companies buy rankings, and they make a lot of money on their own!
2. This year, Trump became the President of the United States, and the RMB exchange rate plummeted. It is said that next year will reach the 7.5 mark, and domestic capital controls will also prevent funds from going out. The housing market has set prices in Shenzhen and other places to be unrealistically high, and finally The state’s move and purchase restrictions only suppressed the signs. However, the prices of raw materials such as iron and aluminum have risen too fast, and the prices of mid- and downstream products such as motors have to be raised. However, the prices of end products such as air compressors still cannot rise, which has compressed profit margins. Because there are too many air compressor brands, especially OEM brands, as long as you are an agent, you always want to register a trademark yourself, and then let the air compressor factory in Shanghai or Guangdong OEM and become a brand. , To mislead consumers and make them unable to compare prices, and the agents are just happy to make money on their own. In fact, the prices of first-tier brands such as Kobelco, Ingersoll Rand and Sullair are still at a high level, and their agents can be said to have made enough money. However, the price is more cost-effective if there is factory direct sales. In short, it is a trend that the price of air compressors is getting lower and lower.
3. Recently, it has been discovered that many post-processing manufacturers have also started to organize high-end energy-saving forums for air compressors. It is estimated that they have gained experience from participating in the manufacturer’s agency conference or year-end meeting before, so why not pay a five or six sponsorship fee by yourself It costs less than 100,000 yuan to hold the venue by myself. I am very pleased that they have made these improvements for many years. In fact, the cost of hosting a conference in the air compressor industry is not high, and you can gather popularity and wealth by yourself. , It really serves multiple purposes. There is also the problem of air compressor exhibitions. Many exhibition companies rent out the venue and then sell them to air compressor agents or manufacturers in blocks. An ordinary booth costs 40,000 to 50,000, and if it is a bare space, it is at least about 70 to 80, plus decoration. The cost is 50,000 to 60,000. In fact, there is no need to participate in these exhibitions. At most three or four days, it is more effective to invest the money in actual marketing.
In short, I personally feel that the air compressor industry is still a barometer of China’s economy. Since we have been in this industry for so many years, we must stick to it and continue to cheer for your factory!

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