Gardner Denver

Gardner Denver brand of Ingersoll Rand Group, founded in 1859, focuses on the development of innovative products and engineering solutions to solve operational problems for our customers. With global collaboration, strong customer service awareness and profound application expertise, we provide reliable and energy-efficient equipment for a variety of manufacturing and process applications. Since March 1, 2020, Ingersoll Rand Industrial Group and Gardner Denver have formally merged to form a new Ingersoll Rand company. Now, as a larger and stronger company, we can better provide you with more comprehensive solutions and a wider portfolio of products and services. Driven by entrepreneurship and a sense of ownership, the new Ingersoll Rand company is committed to creating a better life for our employees, customers and those around us.


Air quality plays a decisive role in many cases. If solid particles, water vapor, oil and oil vapor are present in the compressed air system, it would lead to downtime, product damage, and even product recalls, causing damage to brand reputation, and worse, undermining the credibility of consumers and products.

Higher Reliability

The reliable product and system design can provide high-quality air, protect sensitive downstream air-using equipment, reduce maintenance work and extend equipment life

Improved Productivity

The use of a certified class 0 oil-free compressor ensures zero air pollution and eliminates the risk of product damage and waste

Enhanced Serviceability

Our oil-free equipment are specially designed for convenient maintenance and easy access to consumable components

Reduced Life Cycle Cost

The initial cost of the oil-free system is higher, but it can be offset by its operation and maintenance costs that remain lower throughout its life cycle, while keeping a higher air quality

Oil-Free Scroll Compressors Catering to Your Applications

Gardner Denver provides a wide variety of reliable oil-free products, among which there must be ones that cater to your industry and applications. By evaluating and recommending more appropriate oil-free solutions to improve the productivity of devices, we are able to deliver final products with zero risk of pollution.

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